meet lisa


Phoenix based jewelry designer, Lisa Pauling, creates personalized, handmade, hand stamped pieces just for you. Each piece is different, simple, classic and imperfectly perfect.

She first started thinking about handmade jewelry back in 2002 when meeting an artist at the Tempe Arts Festival after just moving to Phoenix from Minnesota. In 2012, Lisa began her own journey crafting unique pieces as an outlet to balance stress. She self-taught herself the stamping technique and still to this day learns from her crafting experiences. Lisa puts her heart and soul into every piece, truly making her collection one-of-a-kind, unique and heartfelt.  

Drawing inspiration from positive people, Lisa has positioned herself and her collection at several local markets, many of which give back to the community and local non-profits. She loves being connected with other local artists who share the same purpose, which always drives her to be a better artist.

Creating Be You Jewelry was a dream for Lisa. She is able to support local with her handmade products that are crafted to promote oneself. Lisa has made it a priority to collaborate with nonprofit organizations to help raise awareness to others.  

When Lisa is not busy creating hand stamped jewelry, she loves spending time with friends, painting, hiking, reading and going to movies. She loves checking out local hot spots and eateries.  

Lisa resides in Phoenix with her two Orange Tabbies, Punkin and Precious. "They love to interfere with my art by lying on my work tables but I love them anyways."


Be You Jewelry Mission Statement


The mission of Be You Jewelry is to BElieve in YOUrself. Our handmade products are crafted to promote the love of oneself.  We believe that positivity is key to overcoming self-doubt that may keep from fulfilling dreams.  We are about local community and inspire to give back as much as we can.  We have made it a priority to collaborate with nonprofit organizations to help raise awareness to others.  We made our dream come to life; now let us inspire you to chase yours.

Be kind. Be thankful. Be happy. Be beautiful. Be strong. BE YOU~BElieve in YOUrself~