Summer Jewelry Cleaning Tips

It’s summer and hot out, meaning frequent trips to the pool, applications of sunscreen and extra sweating - especially for us Phoenicians. Unfortunately these three don't mix well with your jewelry. Check out our tips and tricks to keep your Be You hand stamped jewelry pieces sparkling all summer long!


1.  Take your jewelry off before going to the pool, or store it in a plastic baggie to keep it safe. The chemicals will tarnish your pieces quickly, so they are best left at home. 

2. To prevent tarnishing, mix mild soap with water and wash your piece if it gets dirty. Rinse and dry well to prevent tarnishing.

3.  To polish a hand stamped necklace, bracelet or earrings, you can use a jewelry polishing cloth. Make sure to use circular motions to create a perfect shine! 

4.  When getting ready to go out, make sure your jewelry is the last thing you put on, and the first thing you take off when you get home. This will help prevent accidentally spraying your necklace with perfumes and hairspray.

5. And if you're traveling someplace this summer, make sure to store each item in it's own bag to avoid scratches and tangling.  

We hope these tips help keep your sterling silver, copper and gold fill necklaces looking brand new! For more tips and tricks go out our FAQs section.