Artist Spotlight: Pink Puddle Studio

We're so happy to welcome our latest MADE Spotlight Artist, Pink Puddle Studio, to MADE art boutique! Stop by the store all through November to check out her gorgeous watercolor prints! Take a look at our Q&A with artist, Rachel Eskandari, to get to know her better:


Q: What is the story behind your brand and products? 

I love to paint what inspires me and that doesn't fit in one category all the time. I have learned to embrace the desert through my work. It wasn't until I started Pink Puddle Studio that I really gained an appreciation for my surroundings. Painting is an outlet for me, and I wouldn't be able to stick to illustrating one subject matter. I am sure people notice me jumping from one idea to the next but I am ok with it because I am still in my exploration phase. 

I want to evoke emotion and inspiration through my work, and relating to others through such a process is an amazing feeling. 

Q: What is your favorite item you have made so far?

Wow that's difficult to answer. They all hold a special place in my heart, but if I had to choose, I would say the bunhead series and the clutches I do with Madalyn Nault Accessories.

Q: What makes your pieces extra special and unique? 

I think I take chances in my work and sometimes combine elements that no one envisions going together. Something hand painted I think is always unique with its own style. Style is something that separates you from others, and I think that applies to painting as well. 

Q: What inspires you?

More and more the desert inspires me - really nature in general. I pull inspiration from so many parts of my life. Other creatives inspire me to take chances and maybe go a direction I didn't think possible.

Q: What is your favorite part about Phoenix? 

I think community has definitely grown to be my favorite thing about Phoenix! I never knew it was here until the last couple of years. People are so supportive of one another, which is refreshing. 

Q: What’s your favorite Phoenix local hot spot? 

I love Postinos! Of course Teaspressa is a favorite...the black rose mmm! I love plants, so The Bosque is a favorite new spot. Oh, and to get my boba fix, I go to The Blend in Tempe.

Make sure to follow Rachel on Instagram to stay up-to-date and get the inside scoop behind her brand. And stop into MADE to see her work through the month of November!

Local Love,

Team Be You