First Adventure Bag Drop!

On April 28th, I left Phoenix early in the morning, but with little rush to get to California for a show that weekend. I love to travel by myself - blasting the radio, singing along, and making stops only when I need them to stretch and pickup bad road snacks! This is a must in my book - not matter how clean I'm eating, in the car it's soda, chips, and sweets all the way. The drive was great except for the terrible wind that was coming on strong enough and in the exact right direction to shake my hood and make me think it was going to fly off at any second while I drove 80mph down the freeway. #tensearms #theadventurebegins

I got to Central Park in old Pasadena early enough to have time for my first hike! I used the All Trails app that my hiker-helper at REI recommended, and I decided to go check out Eaton Canyon Park. The drive in was filled with gorgeous white flowers the size of your hand and views of the mountain that were just amazing! I decided to hike the "tourist trail". 

Living in AZ, the hikes near me don't have much by way of water, so I wanted to see some running water. The path was large, not crowded, and smooth. Big shaded trees and beautiful views surrounded me. I got down to the water where there were big rocks, and being the klutz I am, I fell twice...not gracefully and on my right knee both times! A good reminder to be aware of your surroundings when adventuring on a new trail! 

I crossed the river and was standing on a large rock when a large snake slithered not two feet across the trail in front of me and about gave me a heart attack! Fully on edge now, I tried to keep going, but reminded myself of what I always say - "You are not proving anything. Enjoy the adventure and discovery - it's ok not to finish." - Especially since I did all of this in running shoes (wasn't thinking when I packed).

I don't understand why we think we need to prove or justify something to ourselves or others. If you are at peace with yourself, then just BE YOU. Do you. Don't explain or defend. That's why I like hiking - no gym fee, no judgement. I have passed so many people on my hikes who explain why they didn't go to the top or finish the trail. Who cares? You are out here and don't need to explain or defend yourself to anyone. Enjoy yourself and the time outdoors, and don't apologize for a thing. 


After my hike, I went and grabbed my first adventure bag and placed it at the trailhead for someone to find, as a thank you for the adventure the trail gave me and the chance to clear my head in nature. A beautiful woman found the bag that day and shared a photo on Instagram. What an exhilarating feeling to know that my message is getting passed on through these awesome adventure seekers!

Until next time!
Local love,