Grand Canyon Adventures!

On May 12 I headed to the Grand Canyon for a little R&R and to soak in the cooler weather before summer really hits! The plan was to spend a day at the South Rim, a day at the North Rim, and a day doing Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. Unfortunately the North Rim was closed until Monday, so South Rim it was!

The first afternoon we rode bikes along the rim. One way was mostly downhill, so it felt like a roller-coaster ride! The canyon has gorgeous paved paths that connect different viewing points and a really convenient shuttle system, allowing us to ride one way and take the bus back before it got late and to avoid the uphill part of the ride! ;)

The second day, we drove back into the park for some hiking. We chose the South Kaibab Trail, and decided to go as far as the mule station about 1.5 miles down. The whole trail up and back took us about 3hrs - downhill one way and uphill the way back. The day was gorgeous - a cool 70 with a light breeze, and it was busy, but not crowded. At the stop point, we sat and had a picnic before we hiked back out and met several very brave little squirrels who wanted to join in the snacking! On the way out, we dropped an adventure bag at the trailhead for someone to find! We can't wait to see if they will post!

The final day of our adventures, we drove up to Antelope Canyon. We had a tour at the Lower Antelope Canyon with Dixie Ellis Tours. It was so crowded, but just gorgeous. We took so many photos! It was cool down in the canyon and although the day was slightly overcast, the photos turned out great.

On the way back from the canyon, we stopped at Horseshoe Bend. It was a 1.5 mile hike to it from the parking lot, and it was breathtaking. A little nerve-wracking, though, as there were no guard rails and you could get right up to the edge.  With the wind, I kept imagining people getting blown off! So glad we stopped though - it is just beautiful!

Until the next adventure!

-Be You Jewelry