Support Sweet Harmony

In February this year, my good friend and fellow member of the Phoenix artist community, Keri Mosier and husband Paul, just learned that their seven-year-old daughter, Harmony, was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a childhood cancer that manifested as tumor in her mouth. Her symptoms came suddenly and they are still today figuring out next steps. Harmony finished her first treatments in the summer and went back to school successfully, got her appetite back and started acting like her old self again, but just now found that the cancer is back in the form of a new tumor in her mouth close to the old site and also in her lungs.

Just before Thanksgiving, the family began an aggressive form of treatment and was in the hospital through the holiday weekend.  Harmony’s new treatment schedule will be almost daily chemotherapy treatments for a couple weeks at a time plus daily radiation for about a year.

For those of you who don't know Keri and her husband Paul, they are most amazing, kindhearted, spirited people (and parents) you'll ever meet. They are a family of four: Eleri, 12 years old is smart, kind, and a very talented writer. Harmony is charismatic, fun, and artist as well. 

Keri has been running her own jewelry business for over 20 years - mer*made Jewelry - which will most likely need to continue to be on hold for the next 10 months to a year. Paul signed two-book deal with HarperCollins this past summer and has been putting his efforts outside of the hospital into his writing responsibility. His day job has also taken a backseat.

With this recent news, even more financial burden has been put on this family. Keri has already had to cancel a couple of shows, but she’s hopeful that she can do a few coming up that she’s already invested in, but realistically she isn’t sure that will happen either. I’ve decided to  help her in the only way I know I can - at a Shopping With a Purpose event on Friday, December 2nd at New City Studio.  20% of all proceeds I make will be donated directly to Keri and her family, in a small effort to help this wonderful family.

If you can't make it to the Shopping with Purpose event, please send love and donations to this amazing 7yr old little girl and her family. I also encourage you to purchase jewelry from Keri's website for holiday gifts, or donated directly to Harmony's Go Fund Me campaign.

Keri’s jewelry site:
Harmony's Go Fund me: