Why Shop Local This Holiday Season?

You hear it from all around, especially during the holidays– “shop local!” With all of the big box retailers competing for your dollars, it can be tempting to purchase the new gadget or bestseller, but there are tons of great reasons why you should skip the chains and spend your dollars locally this holiday season!

Spending your money at locally-owned, independent businesses means that more of your dollars stays within the local economy and community, creating more vibrant communities, more local jobs, and for prosperity for everyone.  According to Indy Impact Study Services from Civic Economics, for every $100 spent locally, $43 remains in the local economy, versus only $13 for every $100 spent at non-locally owned businesses.

Local businesses contribute to the character of a neighborhood. This fosters uniqueness and diversity in your hometown – making it a special place to be proud of!

Independent shops and artists create unique, handmade items that can’t be found in big box retailers. This means the item you buy won’t be easily found or worn by anyone else – no identical mass-produced gifts!

Enjoy better customer service when you shop locally. Local businesses depend on customer loyalty, so you will deal with experienced staff who know their product, can make recommendations to you and answer your questions honestly, leading to a better buying experience.

Check out the following artists and local shops this holiday season for your gift shopping!

Stephanie Nault
Unika Collections
Ellie Brook Designs
Sonia Gracia
Paige Poppe
Darling Savage
KLM Photo
One of a Kind AZ
Ophelia’s Place*
Redemption Market
Rosie Luv
Sam and Kate Designs
Savannah Ashley
Schimmel Shop
Spoonful of Freckles
Standard Wax
Sweet T’s Design Shop
The Dotted Bow
The Painted Ladies
the zen bird
Two Trees Botanicals
Yellow Bungalow Shop
Soulcare by CCC
Twenty6 Designs
Hawks and Honey
Hot Chic Aprons
Iron Root Wood Burning
Jar of Buttons
Kenneth Pierre Designs
Lafayette Avenue Ceramics
Lotus and Lava
Madalyn Nault
Mer-Made Designs
Over Throw Clothing
Pink Puddle Studio
Pure Life Jewelry

Storefront Locations:
Grungy Gals
Practical Art*
Bunky Boutique
Made by 2 Sisters*
MADE art boutique*
Ben’s Bells Project*
Sibley’s West*
State Forty Eight
Strawberry Hedgehog
The Giving Bracelets
Letter Craft

*Denotes a Be You Jewelry Stockist!