Artist Spotlight: The Zen Bird


This month, we got the inside scoop on one of our very favorite local artists, The Zen Bird. The gal behind the brand, Marian, is truly one amazing person who radiates positive energy and has such an inspiring vision for herself and her company. Read on to find out her brand story, favorite local hot spots and more! And PS - make sure to stop by MADE art Boutique in July to score some of her adorable headbands. 

Q: What is the story behind your brand and products?

I created The Zen Bird to inspire others to live their authentic and groovy lives. My company designs Zen Bird bands-- headbands for yoga, exercise and casual wear-- to remind ourselves of the simple fact: we are empowered by positive and authentic thoughts.

Q: What is your favorite item you’ve made so far?

My Zen Bird bands! They are so much fun to pick out the fabrics and color combinations that I could spend my entire week just gazing at fabric.

Q: What makes your pieces special/unique?

My headbands are rarely the same and I have designed thousands of print combinations. Each Zen Bird band is reversible and can be worn four ways. They are darling for a night out, boating on the lake or rockin' that zumba class.

Q: What inspires you?

Humans. Thoughts. Connections. Life inspires me and authentic living is more powerful than I could imagine. Stories inspire me. Listen close and life has a way of doing that, :).

Q: What is your favorite part about Phoenix? 

I feel grounded yet curious in Phoenix. It is a mix of the small town feel of where I am from (Wisconsin) mixed with the Wild West. I meet so many people that are eccentric and weird. I love weird humans. My heart seems to beat faster when I am connecting with the diversity of this melting pot city. It's definitely home for quite some time. Groovy.

Q: What’s your favorite Phoenix local hot spot?

Oh, brother. I knew this was coming.

Okay... I really, really, really, really LOVE so many places.. I will give you a sprinkling:

Fame, Lux, Joyride, Postinos, Phoenix Public Market Cafe, St. Francis, Rokerji, MADE, Frances.... Okay, you see... I could go on + on. XO.

Anything else fun you'd like to share with us?

****Since sewing machines were not available for my workshop spotlight I am hosting a WOMEN EMPOWERMENT workshop + creating vision boards about confidence + authentic living. Get ready to feel groovy. ************