Grand Canyon Adventures!

On May 12 I headed to the Grand Canyon for a little R&R and to soak in the cooler weather before summer really hits! The plan was to spend a day at the South Rim, a day at the North Rim, and a day doing Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. Unfortunately the North Rim was closed until Monday, so South Rim it was!

The first afternoon we rode bikes along the rim. One way was mostly downhill, so it felt like a roller-coaster ride! The canyon has gorgeous paved paths that connect different viewing points and a really convenient shuttle system, allowing us to ride one way and take the bus back before it got late and to avoid the uphill part of the ride! ;)

The second day, we drove back into the park for some hiking. We chose the South Kaibab Trail, and decided to go as far as the mule station about 1.5 miles down. The whole trail up and back took us about 3hrs - downhill one way and uphill the way back. The day was gorgeous - a cool 70 with a light breeze, and it was busy, but not crowded. At the stop point, we sat and had a picnic before we hiked back out and met several very brave little squirrels who wanted to join in the snacking! On the way out, we dropped an adventure bag at the trailhead for someone to find! We can't wait to see if they will post!

The final day of our adventures, we drove up to Antelope Canyon. We had a tour at the Lower Antelope Canyon with Dixie Ellis Tours. It was so crowded, but just gorgeous. We took so many photos! It was cool down in the canyon and although the day was slightly overcast, the photos turned out great.

On the way back from the canyon, we stopped at Horseshoe Bend. It was a 1.5 mile hike to it from the parking lot, and it was breathtaking. A little nerve-wracking, though, as there were no guard rails and you could get right up to the edge.  With the wind, I kept imagining people getting blown off! So glad we stopped though - it is just beautiful!

Until the next adventure!

-Be You Jewelry

First Adventure Bag Drop!

On April 28th, I left Phoenix early in the morning, but with little rush to get to California for a show that weekend. I love to travel by myself - blasting the radio, singing along, and making stops only when I need them to stretch and pickup bad road snacks! This is a must in my book - not matter how clean I'm eating, in the car it's soda, chips, and sweets all the way. The drive was great except for the terrible wind that was coming on strong enough and in the exact right direction to shake my hood and make me think it was going to fly off at any second while I drove 80mph down the freeway. #tensearms #theadventurebegins

I got to Central Park in old Pasadena early enough to have time for my first hike! I used the All Trails app that my hiker-helper at REI recommended, and I decided to go check out Eaton Canyon Park. The drive in was filled with gorgeous white flowers the size of your hand and views of the mountain that were just amazing! I decided to hike the "tourist trail". 

Living in AZ, the hikes near me don't have much by way of water, so I wanted to see some running water. The path was large, not crowded, and smooth. Big shaded trees and beautiful views surrounded me. I got down to the water where there were big rocks, and being the klutz I am, I fell twice...not gracefully and on my right knee both times! A good reminder to be aware of your surroundings when adventuring on a new trail! 

I crossed the river and was standing on a large rock when a large snake slithered not two feet across the trail in front of me and about gave me a heart attack! Fully on edge now, I tried to keep going, but reminded myself of what I always say - "You are not proving anything. Enjoy the adventure and discovery - it's ok not to finish." - Especially since I did all of this in running shoes (wasn't thinking when I packed).

I don't understand why we think we need to prove or justify something to ourselves or others. If you are at peace with yourself, then just BE YOU. Do you. Don't explain or defend. That's why I like hiking - no gym fee, no judgement. I have passed so many people on my hikes who explain why they didn't go to the top or finish the trail. Who cares? You are out here and don't need to explain or defend yourself to anyone. Enjoy yourself and the time outdoors, and don't apologize for a thing. 


After my hike, I went and grabbed my first adventure bag and placed it at the trailhead for someone to find, as a thank you for the adventure the trail gave me and the chance to clear my head in nature. A beautiful woman found the bag that day and shared a photo on Instagram. What an exhilarating feeling to know that my message is getting passed on through these awesome adventure seekers!

Until next time!
Local love, 

The Adventure Begins

The Plan...

This summer I am embarking on an all new adventure for Be You Jewelry - I am leaving my local Phoenix community and going back to my roots. I will be traveling to Minnesota bringing Be You Jewelry to lake country for the summer. I'll be participating in local events in the area, reconnecting with nature, family, and the communities of Ottertail County - the most lake-populated county in Minnesota. With over 1500 lakes surrounding me, I'll be sure to have lots of inspiration to help grow and expand my collection, and am looking forward to experiencing such a drastically different environment from the beauty of the desert to which I have become so accustomed. 

Join the adventure...

In an effort to connect to the places I visit along the way, we have started "Be You Adventure". When I hike, explore, and travel to new places, I will leave two necklaces in an open, visible area for someone to find. The first person to find them can take one and is encouraged to leave the second necklace at the location of their favorite or new destination for someone else to find. These small acts of kindness add up and help create connectedness in our communities. We hope that those who find the necklaces will post on social media sharing the story of their adventure and of finding their necklace. We can't wait to see how far this can reach!

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Support Sweet Harmony

Support Sweet Harmony

In February this year, my good friend and fellow member of the Phoenix artist community, Keri Mosier and husband Paul, just learned that their seven-year-old daughter, Harmony, was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a childhood cancer that manifested as tumor in her mouth. Her symptoms came suddenly and they are still today figuring out next steps. Harmony finished her first treatments in the summer and went back to school successfully, got her appetite back and started acting like her old self again, but just now found that the cancer is back in the form of a new tumor in her mouth close to the old site and also in her lungs.

Make at MADE: Featuring LetterCraft

Make at MADE: Featuring LetterCraft

On Thursday, December 3rd, we hosted another unique and fun Make at MADE workshop - this time with LetterCraft! Participants learned how to burn designs into a coaster, an ornament, and a woodblock. The artists taught everyone their technique and trending styles, and everyone went home with their very own wood burning tool to practice with afterwards. It was a beautiful winter night filled with laugher, smiles, and crafting!