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Make at MADE: Radical Self Love with Be You Jewelry + The Zen Bird


922 N. Fifth Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004


It's powerful, it's transformational and it will change your life. In a society where we, as women, are consistently giving and fueling others it is hard for us to settle into our own melody of loving ourselves - fully, deeply, radically.

We focus our energies on our children, our partners, our coworkers, our lovers, our families, our friends, anywhere but ourselves. We give our power, our love and our happiness away. It is rich, powerful and beautiful but there are days when we feel depleted, empty and weak.

Let's come together before the holidays when giving to others is part of the equation and learn to give to ourselves. Let's find the rituals and routines that make US feel good, feel worthy, feel LOVED. Let's learn to fill our cups first and release the guilt of loving, giving and celebrating ourselves. Let's start here. Let's start together. Let's begin this now. Join us for our Radical Self Love workshop and let's BE LOVE.

During this workshop, you will also create a hand-stamped necklace that says "be love" which is a perfect reminder to love yourself. 

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Later Event: October 30
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